E-Learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. e-Learning can include training, the delivery of just-in- time information and guidance from experts.

If you could stop time and inexpensively bring together all of the people in your organization who need to learn and the resources to teach them, you would not need eLearning. In the real world, people have jobs to do and budgets are limited. Your learning program will need the power of technology to overcome the limitations of time, distance and resources.

You know that people learn in many different ways and at different times. To support these different learning needs, you will need different e-learning delivery methods. Additionally, you will need a way to develop and manage e-learning.

We CCGC offer Online degree in the following University :


RVV MUMBAI is an Online Institution Affiliated & Accredited Internationally, Which is running online "Industry Integrated Learning Programme" for working class candidates through e-learning mode with an International Standard Pattern ‘At Anytime & At Any Place’.

‘RVV MUMBAI ’ have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Various International Universities & Institutions for the Credit Base Education System in many streams . Students can enroll at anytime from anywhere by Credit-Based Education System, who has gained working experience in relevant vertical or research . Flexibility in pacing the programme makes the learner more comfortable to acquire quality learning. All of the programmes are E-Learning based & offered with online mode through our E-Campus/ E -Learning center.

RVV MUMBAI online programmes operate on an Open Enrollment Policy; there are no enrollment deadlines. This means that the online learning programme starts for you on the day your registration is accepted. Students are advised to read all terms and conditions before enrolling for admission … Do not take admission by unauthorized E-Learning center and don't pay fees to any person without prior approval of admission.‘ RVV MUMBAI ’ is not responsible for any type of fake and false commitment by any unauthorized person or center.